Little Rock Lawyers Defending Arkansas Charges Involving Violent Crimes

man grabbing another manArkansas courts, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers all take a dim view of crimes involving violence. In fact, our state takes a harsher stance than most in regards to such offenses – most violent crimes in Arkansas will be charged as a felony while some other states classify many cases as misdemeanors. You may be facing a lengthy prison sentence if you are charged with a violent offense. It is important that you hire a criminal defense attorney who is qualified to handle these charges, as your freedom depends on the outcome of your case. Our Little Rock office has the record and the qualifications to handle the most serious of violent crimes. We encourage you to call our office immediately for a free consultation.

Experienced trial lawyers handling violent crime cases in Arkansas

Violent crimes are typically charged as a felony in Arkansas. Unlike many other states, the prosecution does not have to go to a Grand Jury and gain permission to charge you. Typically, they may bring a case by simply filing what is known as an “Information” based upon the word of the arresting officer. Such cases include the following:

As with other felony cases, these offenses are tried before a Jury. It is imperative that you retain a law firm with extensive experience in investigating violent offenses and preparing such cases for trial.

Patrick Benca is a death penalty qualified attorney who brings extensive experience and insight into cases involving violent crimes and homicides. He is often appointed to cases by the Public Defenders Commission, due to his unique qualifications and skill sets. As a state that practices capital punishment, if you are accused of a crime that resulted in the death of another person, you may be eligible for the death penalty. These accusations require an attorney who is competent and qualified to deal with the seriousness of these allegations. When your life is on the line, you need the best defense attorney available. Our office promises to be the best. Call today at 501-353-0024.

Representation that provides effective and individual counsel in the Little Rock area

Representing a violent crime requires a great deal of man power. There are documents to read, evidence to analyze, witnesses to interview, and expert witnesses to hire. The Law Office of Patrick Benca is a firm of team-oriented attorneys who will work together to provide the best legal team possible. Once we have taken your case we will listen to your side of the story, and immediately begin to investigate and build the best defense possible. Our defense style requires your cooperation and collaboration every step of the way- as the one whose freedom is on the line, we make sure you are aware of what is happening throughout the process. Each violent crime case is different, and we put 100% of our energy and effort into each one. Your freedom is important. Call our office today.