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Change in piggy bankParents are expected to follow all orders issued by the Family Court. This includes an order to pay child support. Unfortunately, there are times when one fails to meet their obligations. This can result in a son or daughter going without school supplies, new clothes, food, or shelter. Arkansas law provides solutions for those who are not receiving Court ordered payments. These solutions can include a finding of contempt, possibly a wage garnishment, and possible incarceration of the offending parent. Retaining an experienced attorney can help you to ensure that your case is handled correctly. Our Little Rock lawyers assist with such cases so that you may focus on your family. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Attorneys assisting Little Rock residents with child support arrears

When a parent has failed to pay court ordered child support then they are considered to be in “arrears.” The penalty for violating a court order can include the Judge holding the offending parent in contempt. The parent may then be subject to a wage garnishment, the suspension of their driving privileges, having to pay the other parent’s legal fees, and possible incarceration. It is important to understand that the Court’s primary goal will be to gain payment on behalf of the receiving parent.

The first step in an arrears case is to file an Notice of the non-payment along with a Motion requesting that the other party be held in contempt. A hearing will be held and the Court will issue a ruling. Absent a compelling reason, a Judge will often put a plan in place for the parent to catch up on their payments. The Judge will also typically require the offending parent to pay the other’s legal fees. If the offending parent continues to be delinquent then more severe measures, including jail time, may be taken by the Judge. How the Court will rule in any given matter is situation specific. It is, therefore, important that you have a lawyer to assist you.

Our attorneys assist Little Rock residents with cases involving child support arrears. We will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your situation and to help you determine the best path forward. This may include trying to work out the matter with your ex, in order to avoid court proceedings, or a more aggressive approach may be appropriate. If necessary, we will quickly file any necessary Motions and will advocate on your behalf. We understand that you need to resolve such matters as quickly as possible. We will work to do so. Contact our office today.

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Our Little Rock lawyers understand that one does not wish for a drawn out proceeding when they are facing a child support dispute. Our attorneys take a team-based and collaborative approach to meeting your needs and we will work to resolve your matter as efficiently as possible.