followed woman textingThis is the last post in a series of articles addressing defending against charges of stalking or harassment in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our previous article discussed the criminal nature of such offenses. It is important to understand that once a case has been initiated, the decision whether to prosecute the accused rests with the state. Victims do not have the ability to have the charges dropped, even if they change their minds after the fact. As mentioned throughout this series, stalking and harassment convictions can have serious consequences and must be taken seriously. It is important, therefore, to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent your interests if you have been accused of such activities. Contact our office today to speak with an attorney.

This series discussed the following subjects:

If you are facing accusations of stalking or harassment, it is important to understand these topics. First, the types of behavior that could be considered stalking or harassment are numerous. It is important to understand how Arkansas law defines such actions. Convictions for both crimes carry potentially serious criminal penalties, including jail time and fines. Second, a person accused of such crimes may become the subject to an emergency protection order, also commonly referred to as a restraining order. This can happen quickly and impose significant restrictions. Third, unfortunately, allegations of stalking and harassment are often fabricated for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, it is essential to defend against false accusations to protect yourself against a potential wrongful conviction. Fourth, criminal trials can be intimidating and one should understand what to expect during the process. Finally, because stalking and harassment are criminal charges, the decision to prosecute such allegations is in the hands of the state and not the individuals involved.

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