Little Rock Attorneys Handling Arkansas Cases Involving Spousal Support Or Alimony

Alimony envelope with moneyFew things cause as much tension in a divorce as the subject of spousal support. This tension comes from the fact that one spouse feels they should not be obligated to support the other while their counterpart feels they should receive assistance. Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, it is important to understand that the Court’s ruling will have a significant impact on your future. It is important that you retain a lawyer to help you make the strongest possible argument. Our Little Rock attorneys have decades of combined experience. They concern themselves with family law so that you may be concerned about the most important thing – your future. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Little Rock alimony lawyers handling cases which involve an Arkansas divorce

The issue of alimony often comes up as part of a contested divorce. Arkansas Judges typically see spousal support as “rehabilitative.” This means that a spouse who has been out of the workforce for some time may require assistance in order to gain new job skills and/or to “get back on their feet” in general. When deciding how much one spouse should pay the other, and the time for which such payments should be required, the Court will consider factors such as:

    • The length of the marriage
    • The financial means and earning potential of each spouse
    • The extent to which a spouse acquired new skills during the marriage
    • The extent to which one spouse’s homemaking or financial contributions made to the other’s current earning potential
    • Any other issues which the Court may deem relevant

For long-term marriages, the Court may consider a more “permanent” award. How the Judge will rule in any given situation will always depend on the specific facts of the case.

Our Little Rock alimony lawyers will work to protect your rights in a divorce case. Once a case has been filed with the Court, we will quickly file the necessary Motions to request or oppose the ordering of spousal support. After the initial hearing we will use the discovery process to gather evidence related to the finances of your soon to be ex. Such evidence can include bank records, documentation of their income, their efforts to find more meaningful employment, and more. If a settlement is not obtained then we will aggressively represent you at trial. You are entering a new phase of your life and our firm is here to help you start this new phase in as good a position as possible. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.

Attorneys staying in regular contact with Arkansas residents going through a spousal support dispute

If you are involved in a spousal support dispute then you are likely concerned for your future. It is important that you retain a lawyer who will make themselves available to answer your questions. Our Little Rock attorneys make client communication a priority and they pride themselves on the level of service our firm provides. We are honored to serve our community and a high level of service is our promise in every case we handle.

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