Ankle monitorThis is next post in our “Handling Methamphetamine Cases in Arkansas series. Our previous post discussed steps attorneys take in representing Arkansas residents charged with a methamphetamine related offense. In this post we will focus on the typical on the serving of probation for a methamphetamine related offense.

A First or Second Offense, for Small Amounts of Methamphetamine Will Likely Result in Probation

The terms of probation will include mandatory drug testing, which typically range anywhere from once or twice a week to once or twice a month. You may be required to attend a treatment center or a twelve step program. You may be assigned community service. There may also be other terms specific to your particular charges. Finally, you will also have to report to a probation officer who will make sure that you are in compliance with all the terms of your probation. Patrick discusses probation for drug offenses in this video:

Probation can be considered violated for disregarding one or all of the terms of your probation. It is not a good idea to disregard any of the rules set forth in your probationary agreement. Violation of your probation can result in a revocation of your probation. If you are preparing to be sentenced in Arkansas for charges involving methamphetamine then it is imperative you contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately to maximized your chance of receiving probation.

Revocation of Probation

If you violate probation then the case will go back before the judge in order for him/her to decide whether or not to reinstate your sentence. The judge can reinstate your probation or have you serve the sentence put in place after your conviction. Furthermore, if you are in violation for picking up a new criminal charge, you may be looking at a sentence for that case as well as your original sentence. An attorney can help by fighting the revocation process and/or attempt to reach an agreement with the prosecutor.

Arkansas is hard on methamphetamine related charges. The process to fight these charges can be scary and complex. It is not advisable to try and tackle this battle on your own. If you have been arrested for a methamphetamine related charge, please contact our Little Rock lawyers today.