Man and pill bottleThis is the final post in our series discussing prescription drug possession in the state of Arkansas. Throughout this series we have attempted to provide information related to common questions we often hear from individuals who are facing prescription pill charges.

During this series we have covered a number of topics. Throughout this series we have covered:

We began this series because prescription drug abuse and prosecution have been on the rise both in Arkansas and across the country for a number of years. Frequently the persons who are accused of committing a crime and those who were legally prescribed medication by their physician following a painful medical condition. These people rarely had the intention of becoming addicted to the medication they were prescribed and frequently struggle to handle severe chronic pain. Unfortunately, being convicted of prescription drug abuse can negatively affect a number of life areas including your freedom, your future ability to find employment, your ability to find housing, and can even place your custody of your children in danger. Taking prescription drug charges seriously is the first step to prevent your life from becoming completely upended.

If you have been charged with prescription drug possession, do not act without contacting an attorney to discuss your specific case. Call our Little Rock criminal defense attorneys office today.