Federal CourthouseThis is the first post in a series meant to discuss the United States Supreme Court’s recent decision in Rodriguez v. United States. We’re writing this series because it impacts the rights of residents today and has ramifications on how the police will interact with people in our state going forward. If you have recently been arrested, and believe your rights may have been violated, then it is important that you contact an attorney immediately.

We’ll be discussing several topics over our next several articles. Issues we will look at include:

  • The Supreme Court’s recent holding and what it means for the law
  • How those previously convicted of drug crimes may be able to seek relief under Rodriguez
  • Whether one has to consent to requests made by the police
  • What Rodriguez means to the future of search & seizure law

These are important issue to understand due to the impact of search & seizure issues on criminal law. Many criminal cases, such as charges involving drugs, DWI cases, and certain white collar crimes often hinge on whether the police violated one’s constitutional rights. Given the way in which Rodriguez changes the legal landscape, we are devoting a series to the topic.

We have devoted several past articles to instances in which the police have violated someone’s rights. These have included discussions on errors Arkansas police often make when stopping a vehicle, as well as a post meant to help residents understand if the police violated their rights. All too often, people are arrested in violation of their constitutional rights and just accept the consequences. Hiring a criminal defense attorney, who is versed in this area of the law can help rectify the situation and avoid a needless conviction.

Our Little Rock lawyers defend the rights of the accused throughout the state. Contact us today if you require legal assistance.