Little Rock Attorneys Defending Against Rape Charges

Man committing rapeRape is a serious accusation that can lead to significant prison time and a lifelong requirement of registering as a sex offender. A conviction of rape is one from which a person’s reputation will never recover. Unfortunately such cases are sometimes brought against a defendant due to false accusations. This is an offense that enrages the public and if you are accused of rape then you require quality representation to ensure that your rights are protected.

Providing aggressive representation for Arkansas residents accused of rape

Rape charges may be brought under a variety of circumstances. These include forcibly engaging in sexual intercourse or deviant sexual activity with the victim. Other circumstances include engaging in sexual activity with a person who was incapable of consent due to physical helplessness, mental defectiveness, or because they were mentally incapacitated. In the state of Arkansas, sexual activity cannot be considered consensual if the victim is under the age of 14 or if the victim is under the age of 18 and has engaged in sexual activity with a blood relative. Rape charges are often dependent on two things – the reliability of the accuser and the sufficiency of the evidence. Rape is considered a Class Y felony in the state of Arkansas. If you are charged with this crime you must contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Our attorneys have experience in rape cases. We will hire the right expert witnesses to interpret the validity of physical evidence, challenge the admission of evidence in Court, and interview witnesses to corroborate your side of the story. If you are accused of rape, but have not yet been charged, it is important to hire an attorney who can help prevent you from being searched without a warrant, can inform you of your rights while being interviewed by investigators, and who can ensure that your rights are not otherwise violated during the collection of evidence. Our goal is to win the most favorable outcome possible given the details of your case, whether that is by having all charges dismissed, negotiating a fair plea deal, or reducing the charges that are being brought against you. Contact our Little Rock office online today.

We also handle matters in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Springdale, Jonesboro, North Little Rock, Conway, Rogers, Pine Bluff and throughout the rest of Arkansas.

Reliable and ongoing communication with sex offense clients in Arkansas

Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who are not afraid to take a case to court. We know that if we are going to fight for your case, we need to know your side of the story and keep you up to date as the case progresses. As our client you will have direct access to your attorney. Your questions can be answered any time, even on nights and weekends. We also meet with you face-to-face, every step of the way, provide you with copies of pertinent information, such as discovery, and ensure that you approve of trial strategy. Patrick Benca has over twenty year of legal experience. Call our office today at 501-353-0024.