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Restraining orderNo one should have to be afraid for their safety. It certainly goes without saying that one should not have to be afraid of a spouse or significant other. The sad truth, however, is that many people are not able to control their emotions. When a family member or romantic partner engages in acts of violence, stalking, or harassment against you then the Court may issue a Restraining Order. If you feel you are in danger then it is crucial that you retain an attorney immediately. Our Little Rock lawyers have decades of combined experience and we will make your safety a priority. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Attorneys assisting Little Rock, Arkansas residents with the obtaining of a TPO

The Family Court will issue a TPO when one’s relative, current or former significant other, or other person whom they have lived with engages in stalking, harassment, or acts of violence. The Court will grant a Restraining Order when there is credible evidence that such conduct has occurred or is likely to occur. The Court may issue a Temporary Order initially with a more permanent Order being issued at a later date. If the offending party violates the Order, then they may face incarceration and potential criminal charges.

The first step in obtaining a TPO is to file a Petition with the Court. The Petition must articulate the nature of the threat and provide as many specifics as possible. It should also include support evidence such as cell phone records, emails, police reports, etc. The Court will then take one of several actions. The Judge may grant the Petition on a temporary basis and schedule a hearing, shortly thereafter, to determine whether the Order should be extended for a longer time frame. The Judge may also not grant the Order initially, but schedule a hearing to determine if an Order should be granted. Finally, the Court may simply deny the Petition. A Judge does not take such a Petition lightly. It is vital that you consult with a lawyer experienced in such matters.

Our attorneys assist Little Rock, Arkansas residents with cases involving a Restraining Order. We will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your situation and to immediately begin gathering the evidence necessary to file a Petition. We will quickly file your documents with the Court and attend the hearing on your behalf. Our counsel have extensive experience in courtroom litigation and we will aggressively protect your rights before the Judge. Our firm understands the severity of your situation. We focus on this area of law so that you may focus on your future.

Little Rock lawyers staying in regular contact with clients throughout the Restraining Order process

If you are requesting a Restraining Order then you are already in a tense situation. It is important that you retain counsel who will stay in contact with you and address your concerns. Our Little Rock lawyers make attorney-client communication a priority. They promptly return phone calls, quickly respond to emails, and ensure that they are available to meet your needs. We are honored to serve the residents of our area and we take our obligations seriously.

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