Little Rock Attorneys Handling The Division Of Marital Property

Calculator and ledgerDivorce cases involve a great deal of dispute and confusion. You are likely unsure about the future of your finances and how you will afford to support your children. This financial stress can be worsened if it is not clear how any assets and debts will be divided with your spouse. Retaining a lawyer can assist you with ensuring that the division of any community property is handled correctly. Our Little Rock attorneys have decades of combined experience and they will make sure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Call our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Lawyers assisting with the division of assets and debts after an Arkansas divorce

Assets and debts will generally be considered part of the marital union if they were acquired during marriage. The exception to this rule will be any assets which are acquired by gift or inheritance. It is important to understand that assets and debts will be considered “marital” regardless of whose name they are in, how they are titled, or whether the parties were living together at the time of the acquisition, as long as the parties were married.

Arkansas requires the “equitable” division of marital assets and marital debts after a divorce. As opposed to a “community property” state, which requires that everything be split equally, our state focuses on ensuring that the distribution is simply fair. Disputes over property and debts often revolve around whether the items should be considered marital or separate. Disputes can also involve claims that one spouse should be required to take a larger share of the property or debt due to the earning potential of the two spouses and how the Family Court may rule on the issue of spousal support. Retaining an experienced attorney is critical to protecting your financial future.

Our Little Rock divorce lawyers will handle any property or debt issues as part of your case. We will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your financial situation. After the case has been filed we will use the discovery process to obtain bank records, credit card receipts, purchase agreements, and other documentation which establishes whether items should be considered marital or separate. If a resolution cannot be reached in your matter then we will not hesitate to take your case to trial. We will ensure that you are prepared for the process and that you know what to expect as the case goes forward. Contact our office today.

Little Rock lawyers staying in regular communication with those going through marital property disputes

Few things are as frustrating as financial stress. If you are going through a marital property dispute then you do not need the extra annoyance caused by an attorney who does not return phone calls. Our Little Rock lawyers make client-communication a priority. They promptly return messages, quickly respond to emails, and regularly meet with clients to answer any questions they may have. We pride ourselves on providing quality service to each and every client we serve.

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