Misdemeanor Lawyers representing Little Rock Residents

man in suit wearing handcuffsWe take misdemeanor charges very seriously even though many consider them “less serious” than a felony. Misdemeanor convictions can have a dramatic impact on your life. You may be disqualified from potential employment and, if your offense was for misdemeanor domestic violence, then you will be prohibited from owning a firearm under federal law. Also, if someone has a prior misdemeanor on their record, prosecutors and Courts are more likely to impose harsher sentences for future convictions. If you reside in the Arkansas area, and are charged with a misdemeanor, then contact our Little Rock attorneys today.

Little Rock, Arkansas attorneys treating misdemeanor cases with the respect they deserve.

Arkansas misdemeanors are handled in the Circuit Court. A “Class A” misdemeanor carries a sentence of up to one year in jail. A “Class B” case can result in a 90-day jail sentence while a “Class C” case can leave one incarcerated for up to 30 days. An arraignment will be held shortly after you are charged with the offense. Once your plea is entered a trial date is set. Between the arraignment and the trial it is important to begin building your defense. Unlike felony cases, there are generally no juries in misdemeanor trials. The Judge, therefore, must be convinced that you are not guilty of the offense. Examples of misdemeanors may include:

It is important that you do not take a misdemeanor lightly as it will have lasting repercussions on your life. Our Little Rock criminal attorneys aggressively defend Arkansas residents in misdemeanor cases. Once you are charged we will meet with you at our office or, if one is in custody, at the county jail. We will go over the case in detail and appear at your arraignment. Once a “not guilty” plea is entered we will immediately begin investigating your case. This may include visiting the scene of the offense, interviewing witnesses, and obtaining all available evidence from numerous sources. We may also be able to file certain Motions to prevent evidence from being admitted at your trial. Patrick Benca is an experienced criminal litigator and the rest of our firm upholds his rigorous work ethic in protecting the rights of the accused. Do not risk your freedom to a lesser attorney. Contact our office online or by telephone today.

Effective legal representation against misdemeanor charges in Little Rock, Arkansas

We pride ourselves on providing effective and aggressive representation in all of our cases. We meet with our clients in our office on a regular basis; we do not believe that the accused should only have access to their attorneys just before a hearing. Our lawyers ensure that all email and phone calls are returned within 24-hours and provide their clients with their cell phone numbers so they may be reached when they are not in the office. When you hire Patrick Benca you can rest assured that you are receiving the respect you deserve. If you are charged with a misdemeanor in Arkansas then contact our Little Rock office today.