Man in suit in cuffsThis is the first post in a series which will discuss handling Little Rock, Arkansas criminal cases which involve complex fraud charges. We are writing on this topic due to the fact that cases involving complicated financial schemes involve issue which often do not arise in smaller scale fraud matters. We cannot stress enough that you should retain a criminal defense attorney experienced in such matters if you have been charged. The goal of our next several articles is to provide information which is meant to help an accused person to better understand their situation. If you require assistance then contact our office today to speak with a lawyer.

We will be addressing several topics over our coming articles. Issues which we will analyze include:

  • Challenging illegally seized evidence
  • The use of experts in such cases
  • Taking such cases to trial

It is crucial that a defendant understand these issues. First, it is more common than one may think for law enforcement to obtain financial information from computers, smart phones, or even paper files in ways which violate the Fourth Amendment. If police or F.B.I. officials violated one’s Fourth Amendment rights then it may be possible to keep any illegally obtained evidence out of Court. Second, in cases involving complicated financial issues it is often necessary for the defendant to retain an expert who can analyze bank records, and other documents, and present an opinion to the jury. Finally, knowing what to expect from the trial process will help to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

When selecting an attorney to assist you in such matters you should retain counsel who is familiar with the trial process and who is also experienced in dealing with experts. Our attorneys have over twenty-five years of combined legal experience and have dealt with many financial fraud cases. We are also licensed in Federal Court and we believe that everyone is entitled to the most rigorous defense. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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