Court HouseThis is the final post in our series on Arkansas’ criminal appeal process. Our last discussion focused on how our state handles appeals in cases where a defendant has been sentenced to death. In this article we will focus on the need to have experienced counsel for the appeal of a criminal conviction. If your loved one has been convicted, and you believe there are grounds for an appeal, then it is crucial that you contact an attorney immediately.

Throughout this series we have talked about a number of topics that are related to the appeals process. Previous posts have included:

Appeals come down to the art of “issue spotting.” An appellate attorney must be able to comb through the transcripts, pleadings, and other evidence from the case and spot each and every instance in which the Judge may have made an error in regards to the law. These are the issues that are raised in the appeal. Missing even one of the potential mistakes may mean that an attorney is overlooking the issue which will make a difference in the case. This is why having an attorney, experienced, in Arkansas’ appellate process is crucial to the case.

The Little Rock, Arkansas appellate attorneys at the Law Office of Patrick Benca have extensive experience in both State Court matters and federal appeals. Our attorneys have assisted defendants throughout the state and have gained favorable results. Patrick has achieved national recognition and has previously been named one of the National Trial Lawyers to 40 attorneys who were under the age of 40. We take a collaborative approach to all cases in our office. This collaborative approach means that there will be multiple sets of legal eyes reviewing the record of the case and, therefore, there is less likelihood that any issues will get missed. If a loved one has been wrongfully convicted in the state of Arkansas then do not hesitate to contact us today.