unhappy coupleThis is the next article in my series on how long it can take to complete an Arkansas divorce. My last post addressed how long an uncontested divorce may take. It is important to remember that, by law, an uncontested case cannot be completed in less than thirty days. Also, if errors are made in the handling of your matter then the divorce may be delayed or you may find yourself going back to court in the future. Retaining an experienced attorney can help to ensure that your case is handled correctly. In this article I will be discussing how long it may take to complete a contested case. If you are in need of assistance then contact my office today to speak with a Little Rock lawyer.

Contested Arkansas divorces can take from a few months to over a year

Spouses who are going through the contested divorce process are doing so due to their not being able to agree on all issues. The greater the level of disagreement, and the more complex the case, then the longer it can be expected to take. If spouses have a significant amount of marital property which must be divided, and are also in a child custody dispute, then it is possible that the case can take over a year. This is due to the fact that extensive discovery will likely be conducted in relation to financial issues. The less complex the case, then the less time it can be expected to take.

Few Arkansas divorce cases actually go to trial. This is due to a number of reasons. First, most spouses do not have a level of assets which justify a legal dispute costing many tens of thousands of dollars. Second, while contested cases involve spouses who cannot initially agree on issues, a settlement is often able to be reached as the case progresses. Such settlements often stem from spouses realizing that issues are not worth fighting over, people wanting to move on with their lives, etc. Whether or not a settlement is in your best interests will always depend on the facts of your specific situation.

It is important to take your attorney’s advice in regard to your divorce

Your attorney will give you an honest assessment as to whether issues in your case are worth continuing the litigation. If the Court’s eventual ruling is highly foreseeable then your counsel will advise you as such. Continuing the litigation, when you can settle for the eventual outcome today, only increases the time and expense which your case will take. Unfortunately, many people continue litigation needlessly out of a feeling of wanting to “win.” An experienced attorney will offer you advice which can help keep you from falling into this trap.

If you are ending a marriage then it is important that you have quality representation. As a Little Rock divorce lawyer, I am able to assist with such matters. My office strives to provide the highest level of service and we look forward to being of assistance. Contact us online or by telephone today to schedule an initial consultation. We also handle matters in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Springdale, Jonesboro, North Little Rock, Conway, Rogers, Pine Bluff, and throughout the rest of Arkansas.