Hands clutching jail barsThis is my last post in our “Clemency” series. Our last post discussed the process of applying for clemency. This post will serve as a wrap-up to our series. We will go over the topics that were discussed and expand upon points that were made. Topics we discussed included:

Understanding what clemency is and who it applies to

The new clemency standards were passed by the Obama administration to address both prison overcrowding issues and to relieve the growing financial burden needed to maintain high prison populations. The new clemency standards may apply to as many as 2000 Arkansas inmates serving time for low-level drug crimes and have already served at least 10 years of their sentence. Arkansas inmates who are good candidates for clemency are those who would be given a lighter sentence if they were charged today, who do not have a serious criminal history, and who do not have a history of violence during their time in prison. Inmates who believe they meet the new clemency standard may file a petition with the Attorney General. For many inmates, this could mean as much as a 10 year reduction to their sentence.

Why hiring an experienced federal attorney is important for your case

It may appear to be a simple process to apply for clemency, but years of freedom are at stake and it is important the application documents are filed correctly. It is important to hire an experienced federal criminal defense attorney to handle your application and paperwork to ensure that there are not delays and that all parts of your case are handled correctly. If any victims of your crime formally object to your clemency being granted, your attorney will argue in your favor.

Please contact our office today if you or a loved one were convicted in Arkansas of a federal drug crime. Our office can help you determine how new clemency laws  pertain to you.