Little Rock Attorneys Assisting Arkansas Residents with Terminating Probation Early

Man unlocking his handcuffsIf you have been convicted of a crime then the chances are you are eager to move on with your life. There are many people who learn from their mistakes, and do everything possible to fulfill the court’s guidelines. If you are currently on probation, and exhibiting good behavior, you may be eligible for early probation release. Many people do not realize that in Arkansas, it is possible for a judge to release you from probation earlier than expected. Our experienced team of Little Rock lawyers can examine your case, and determine if you may be eligible for early release. Call for a free consultation and learn if early probation laws apply to you.

Arkansas lawyers helping motivated individuals on probation gain early release

Arkansas rewards individuals who have been motivated to fulfill all of the requirements of their probation. There are several factors you generally need to meet before being granted release from your probation sentence early. Some of those factors include:

  • Paying all fines and restitution
  • Completing all required counseling sessions
  • Completing all community service
  • Maintaining a good relationship with your probation officer
  • Completing at least half of your probation sentence

When you file a petition to be released from probation early, a judge will decide whether or not to grant your request. Besides having fulfilled the above requirements, a judge will also consider if your probation officer supports the decision, if you have attempted to find work, or if you have taken steps to make yourself more marketable, such as attending classes. It will be important that you properly present your request to the judge and ensure that you paint as full a picture as possible. We further discuss this process in the following video:

Our Little Rock, Arkansas criminal attorneys are able to assist you with obtaining an early termination from probation. Once retained we will determine what evidence may be presented in court and will work to ensure that the Judge is given a complete picture as to how well you have done on probation. There could be nothing worse for your early termination request than for you to have positive information that is not properly considered as part of your request. The Law Office of Patrick Benca will ensure that you paint as bright a picture as possible when bringing the request and will vigorously advocate for your early release from probation.

Arkansas criminal lawyers giving Little Rock residents the representation they deserve

Patrick has over twenty years of legal experience and believes that all clients are entitled to the highest level of representation. We remain in regular communication with all of our clients. In preparing your request for early release from probation, you will be meeting with your attorney and not a paralegal or staff member. Our attorneys regularly provide clients with their cell phone numbers so they can be reached when the client is in need. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.