Girl talking with policeThis is the final post our series on domestic violence in Arkansas. In this post we will summarize the topics we have discussed over the last several articles and offer final insight on what to do if you are arrested for domestic violence in Arkansas.

Throughout the series, we have discussed topics that are important to know if you have been accused of a domestic assault. We have talked about:

As we have discussed, a crime becomes “domestic abuse” if one is the victim of physical harm, a sexual crime, or has been made to fear for their safety and the act was committed by a person who has been in a relationship with their attacker, is a family member, or lives within the same household. The state of Arkansas is particularly tough on domestic violence and will automatically charge second offenses as a felony, even if serious injury did not result. It is particularly important to be cautious when false accusations are made and you have already been charged with a class A misdemeanor for domestic battery. False accusations are common, particularly during contentious divorce or child custody cases. While it may be hard to believe that an ex-spouse or family member would knowingly accuse you of a felony offense you did not commit, it does happen, and it is important to take these accusations seriously.

Criminal defense attorneys can fight domestic battery charges but it is of the utmost importance that their clients obey their advice. Too often, those charged with domestic battery let their emotions get the best of them and act in ways that harm their case. Obey all laws while your case is being investigated. If the alleged victim has taken out an order of protection against you, do not attempt to contact them under any circumstances. If you must contact the other party due to child care or custody concerns, consult your attorney and allow your attorney to handle the matter.

Domestic violence accusations ruin the lives of those accused, often when these accusations have no merit. If you live in the Little Rock area and have been accused of domestic battery, contact our Arkansas criminal defense attorneys today.