Little Rock Attorneys Defending Solicitation Offenses

Prostitute in high heelsIf you have been charged with soliciting a prostitute, you are likely worried about more than just the legal consequences. Being charged with solicitation is often an embarrassing and uncomfortable experience for many men; you may be married, in a relationship, or have a job that will terminate your employment if they learn about your arrest. Regardless of your situation, being charged with solicitation is a sensitive matter that should be taken seriously and handled quickly. The attorneys at The Law Office of Patrick Benca understand the importance of discreet, effective, and swift legal representation. If you require the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact our office today and set up a free consultation.

Acquiring favorable outcomes for misdemeanor solicitation cases in Little Rock, Arkansas

While being charged with solicitation of prostitution is an embarrassing accusation, the charge is a misdemeanor offense, which means the penalties are lighter, particularly for first time offenders. If you are convicted of solicitation in Arkansas then you may face a fine of up to $1,000 or spend 90 days in jail. However, our Little Rock attorneys have had success in gaining clients probation or community service. We may also be able to challenge the validity of the charges against you depending on the facts of your case. If you were entrapped by a police sting operation, did not attempt to offer money for sex, or did not intend to have sexual contact with the other person in question, then it may be possible to have the charges against you dropped. Your attorney will investigate the facts of your case, talk to witnesses, and discuss with you the best legal strategy available to you. We have had success in clearing many men who were faced with solicitation charges. Contact our office today.

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At our office, we give all cases a high level of personal attention. Our attorneys passionately fight for the civil rights of our clients, and are committed to ensuring you get the best legal representation possible. We are available to clients on nights and weekends, and return all phone and email questions within 24-hours. We also promise face-to-face meetings during every phase of the legal process. We are here to help make a tough situation easier to deal with. Call our Little Rock office today.