Couple distressedFew states are as harsh on domestic violence as Arkansas. Our state is more likely than many others to arrest someone when the police have been called and Arkansas is also more likely than many other states to charge one with a felony when there are signs of violence. If you are charged with domestic violence in our state then you are facing serious consequences which impact your future. It is important that you contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Over the next several posts we will address a variety of subjects which often come up in domestic violence cases. These topics will include:

  • What constitutes domestic violence in Arkansas
  • The steps an attorney can take in defending one against domestic violence allegations
  • Why false claims of domestic violence are common and how to deal with them
  • The ramifications one faces if they are convicted of domestic violence

These discussions are necessary as domestic violence, more so than other types of criminal cases, intersects with other areas of the law. Because domestic violence often occurs between family members, it can have an impact on issues such as divorce, child custody, and family financial planning. If you have children then failing to understand how these laws intersect can be very damaging to your familial relationships.

If you are charged with domestic assault then it is important that you gain legal representation. People often make the mistake of seeing these cases as a matter internal to their household and as “no big deal.” These people are often surprised when they arrive at their arraignment and they find out how hard the prosecutors, and Arkansas Judges for that matter, pursue these types of cases. You may very well be facing fines, jail time, loss of your right to carry a firearm, and loss of child custody if you are charged with domestic violence in Arkansas. In other words, contact an attorney immediately.