Little Rock Lawyers For Cases Involving A Child’s Relocation Away From Arkansas

Family with moving boxesFew family law matters are as hard as when a parent wants to move out of state with a child. Such cases always end with one party being disappointed. Either a parent is going to be left behind, while their son or daughter leaves Arkansas, or the other parent will be told that they do not have permission to take the child with them. This is why such cases are often contentious. If you are requesting permission to move away with a child, or if you are defending against such a request, it is vital that you retain an attorney who will aggressively protect your interests. Our Little Rock lawyers take pride in the services that they perform and our office is ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Little Rock attorneys for cases where a parent wishes to move out of state

Arkansas Courts will not allow a parent to move a child out state simply because they want to. Once a mom or dad wishes to relocate then they must demonstrate that such a move is in the best interests of the child. When determining whether the move is in the child’s best interests, the Court will consider factors such as whether there can be an adequate visitation schedule, whether the request is being made simply to stifle the other parent’s visitation, whether the requesting parent can be expected to follow visitation orders, and the reason for the request (such as a job offer or other economic opportunity).

The first step in requesting permission to move is to file a Motion with the Court. An initial hearing will be held. There are times when a requesting parent may need to move immediately, such as when they are scheduled to start a new job shortly. The Court, depending on the circumstances, may grant the parent permission to move with the child on a temporary basis. A hearing will then be scheduled in order to determine whether the move should become permanent. After the initial hearing, each parent will be given the opportunity to use a process known as “discovery” to obtain evidence in favor of their case. The matter will conclude at a trial where the Family Court Judge will issue a ruling on the proposed relocation, visitation, child support, and more. Again, these types of cases are highly contentious. It is vital that you retain an experienced lawyer.

Our Little Rock attorneys handle cases where a parent wishes to move out of state. We will use your initial consultation to help you understand whether the Court may be amenable to your request. We will immediately file your Motion and, if necessary, we will request an expedited hearing. We will request that you be granted permission to move on a temporary basis and we will then begin building a case on your behalf. Our discovery efforts will focus on why your proposed new location provides better opportunity and benefits for the child. This can include economic opportunity, better schools, lower crime, etc. Our firm will ensure that you know what to expect from trial and that your rights are protected as the case moves forward. You are facing a serious situation and we will give your case the attention it deserves. Contact us today.

Attorneys providing a high quality of service to those relocating children out of Arkansas

If you are attempting to relocate your children away from Arkansas then your life is in a state of flux. It is important that you receive immediate responses to your questions. This is why our lawyers make attorney-client communication a priority. We will copy you on Court filings and correspondence. Our counsel often provides clients with their cell phone numbers. Most importantly, we will make sure that your questions are timely answered. We are honored to represent the residents of Arkansas and we take our obligations seriously.

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