Little Rock Lawyers Handling Cases Involving Child Custody & Support

Child custody and visitationNothing is as important as one’s children. We all want our sons and daughters to live a happy life and to never know struggle. There are times, however, when parents cannot agree as to how their kids should be raised. These disagreements can lead to instances in which one parent is not acting in the best interests of their child. This can happen as part of a divorce or in cases where the parents were never married. If you are a parent, and are concerned about your young one’s well being, then it is crucial that you protect their interests. Our Little Rock lawyers handle issues relating to custody, support, and more. Our attorneys pride themselves on providing the highest level of service and we will make your case a priority. Contact us today. We service all of Arkansas.

Little Rock attorneys handling cases involving custody, visitation, relocation, and more

There are many instances in which parents may have to bring a case in Family Court. While everyone’s circumstances are different, the fact of the matter is that such cases are sure to be stressful for the parents. Matters which our office handles include:

The most important thing to remember, in any of these matters, is the Judge’s sole concern will be for the best interests of the child or children. If you wish to obtain custody, or deal with other related issues, then it is vital that you retain an experienced lawyer.

Our Little Rock attorneys have decades of combined experience and they are prepared to protect the interests of both you and your children. At your initial consultation, they will work to gain an understanding of your current situation and to help you know what to expect from the process. Our firm will then quickly file any necessary Motions with the Court and, in emergency situations, we will request an immediate hearing. We will attend the first hearing on your behalf and will then use all available discovery tools in order to build a case which can be presented at trial. We understand that this is a serious time in your life. Our counsel will take your case seriously.

Little Rock family law lawyers providing quality service to those throughout Arkansas

If you are dealing with a child-related dispute then you have enough to worry about. You do not need the stress of an attorney who fails to communicate with their clients. This is why our family law lawyers make client-communication a priority. They regularly provide clients with their cell phone numbers, they promptly respond to messages, and they make themselves available to answer your questions. It is our honor to serve those in Little Rock and elsewhere and we work to earn this privilege.

We also handle matters in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Springdale, Jonesboro, North Little Rock, Conway, Rogers, Pine Bluff and throughout the rest of Arkansas.