Little Rock Attorneys Defending Against Charges Of Animal Cruelty

Sad DogCaring for animals is a large responsibility. They require food, water, shelter, medical treatment, and care. There are times when a person becomes unable to adequately care for their animals, but do not go through the proper channels to find them alternative care. Many people consider their animals personal property and do not realize that they may be charged with a crime for abuse, neglect, or injury that is caused to their own animals.

Criminal defense lawyers who understand Arkansas’ tough stance against animal cruelty

The state of Arkansas may charge a person with misdemeanor animal cruelty for the following reasons:

  • Knowing abandonment of any animal
  • Failure to supply an animal within personal custody with a sufficient quantity of wholesome food and water
  • Failure to provide an animal in personal custody with adequate shelter
  • Killing or injuring any animal belonging to another without consent of the owner
  • Carrying an animal in or upon any motorized vehicle or boat in a cruel or inhumane manner
  • Dying baby chicks

Being charged with animal cruelty may seem like a relatively small matter, but can lead to lasting consequences. In addition to fines and potential jail time, having a charge of animal cruelty on your record may lead to social stigma, and will likely show up on a background check. Our criminal defense attorneys will listen to your side of the story, and work to reach an agreement that keeps a misdemeanor charge off of your record whenever possible. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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Handling felony animal cruelty throughout the state of Arkansas

In extremely rare cases, prosecutors may charge a person with felony animal cruelty. Felony animal cruelty may be charged if a person is accused of torturing a cat, dog, or horse. A person can also be charged if they are accused of organizing animal fights, or unlawful bear exploitation. These charges should be taken as seriously as any other felony charge. In addition to prison time, a conviction of animal cruelty generally also requires a psychiatric or psychological evaluation. The Little Rock, Arkansas attorneys at The Law Office of Patrick Benca have the experience to investigate your case and build the best legal defense possible.

Whenever you are charged with any crime, it is understandably a very difficult time in your life. Our team of attorneys understand that you are worried about your future, your employment, your family, and your reputation. We ensure that our clients are always kept up to date with what is happening on their case, and discuss with them the details of their legal options. We collaborate with our clients and work to fulfill our client’s wishes regarding how they would like to proceed with their legal case. Patrick Benca has more than twenty years of legal experience and we collaborate on cases both big and small so that you benefit from several different unique view points and experiences. Call us today and learn how our office can help you.