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Man and woman arguingContrary to popular belief, assault and battery are not interchangeable terms, and do not necessarily have to go together. A person can be charged with assault if they have threatened bodily harm against a person, and caused reasonable fear due to that threat. Battery involves the actual physical harm. That means that you may be charged with assault even if you only threaten to harm a person without actually following through with such a threat. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling assault cases. If you are charged with assault do not hesitate to contact our Little Rock, Arkansas defense lawyers to defend your rights. Our office provides free consultations. Contact us today.

Protecting the rights of those accused of assault throughout the state of Arkansas

There are many instances in which someone may unjustly accuse a person of assault. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for someone, during a divorce or child custody dispute, to falsely claim assault in an effort to gain leverage over their domestic partner or to gain custody of a child. There are other times when people may make threats that they do not mean, and the other person accuses the person of assault, even though they were not actually fearful or believed that the threats made were legitimate. If you are accused of assault, it is important to take the charges seriously. Do not think that because you did not actually cause physical harm to another that the charges will go away. You need experienced criminal defense attorneys who can defend your rights and ensure that you are not falsely convicted for something you did not do. Our attorney has more than 20 years of experience. We will investigate your case and determine the best legal strategy possible. Call our Little Rock, Arkansas office today at 501-353-0024.

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Defending those charged with assault and additional violent crimes in the Little Rock Area

While it is possible to be charged with assault alone, it is more common that assault is just one of many charges a prosecutor will file. Assault technically means causing another person to fear for their physical safety. Physical threats are often followed up with actual physical violence, which is why assault and battery are often discussed together. However, it is important to realize that assault is a separate charge, and prosecutors will attempt to file as many charges as possible in order to obtain longer prison sentences. Our attorneys are skilled at defending cases that involve assault combined with multiple other charges including battery, rape, aggravated robbery, domestic violence, and kidnapping. Our team of attorneys have experience handling the most complex and serious violent crime cases, and have successfully won many jury trials. We pride ourselves on our collaborative teamwork, our passion for defending personal rights, and our high level of client service. Contact our office today.