Man being arrestedThis is the final post in our series on why one should hire an attorney after having been charged with an Arkansas misdemeanor. We have looked at a number of topics over our last several articles. In this post we will offer a quick recap of issues we have discussed and will also look at the ramifications of not contacting a lawyer immediately after you have been charged with a crime.

We looked at several topics over the course of this series. Discussions included:

These are all common situations in which people often do not hire a criminal defense attorney immediately, if at all. Many of our state’s residents make the mistake of thinking that such matters are “no big deal” and that they will go away quickly. As we have discussed, however, this is simply not the case. If one is charged with a misdemeanor in Little Rock, or anywhere else in our state, then they should contact a lawyer immediately.

There are serious long-term ramification which accompany a misdemeanor conviction. First and foremost, such a conviction means that you will have a criminal record. This can make it more difficult to gain employment, qualify for housing, pass other background checks, and enter certain professions. Also, a conviction means that if you are arrested for another offense at some point in the future, you can expect to face stiffer penalties, pay higher fines, and may even face additional charges. Conviction on certain charges, such as domestic violence, may also mean the loss of your right to carry a firearm – even if the charge was only a misdemeanor. In other words, being charged with an Arkansas misdemeanor is very much a “big deal.”

Hiring a lawyer to assist you with your case can make a substantial difference in the outcome. Your attorney may be able to identify search & seizure issues created by Arkansas police errors. Counsel is also more likely to identify possible defenses that a layperson would likely not recognize on their own. These can include issues of self-defense in a domestic violence case as well as issues relating to criminal intent in other matters. These are issues that should not be overlooked when formulating your defense.

Our Little Rock criminal defense attorneys regularly handle misdemeanor charges throughout the state. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.