Man stopped by officerPeople tend to have very specific idea of what type of person will have a warrant out for their arrest. This notion usually revolves around someone who has committed a heinous crime and is “hiding out” in a dark building somewhere. Unfortunately, there are many instances where Arkansas residents are going about their lives while, simultaneously, having an outstanding warrant. Many such residents of our state may not even know about the arrest order. This blog post will explain the types of situations which can lead to a warrant and the consequences of not dealing with the situation.

There are several instances in which an Arkansas resident may have an outstanding arrest warrant. The failure to pay a traffic ticket or parking ticket, for example, can result in an arrest order being issued. Likewise, if one was on a payment plan for a traffic ticket and missed a payment then a warrant may issue. There are also situations where one may have been issued a Court Summons, over a relatively minor offense, and a warrant issued due to a missed Court date. These types of legal issues carry consequences.

The problems which stem from having an outstanding warrant are numerous. First, one cannot travel on an airplane with an outstanding arrest warrant. Airport security will take the person into custody at the terminal. Second, an arrest warrant, even one stemming from a minor traffic ticket, give police the right to search both you and your vehicle if you are pulled over for speeding, a broken tail light, or any other infraction. Any unlawful substances in your vehicle, such as marijuana, will likely lead to additional criminal charges. Third, an outstanding traffic warrant can lead to the suspension of one’s license and charges of operating a vehicle under suspended driving privileges. Finally, the longer a warrant is outstanding the more likely one is to face steep fines and a Judge who may be less willing to quash the warrant.

Hiring an attorney can help you resolve your warrant quickly. A criminal defense lawyer can quickly file a Motion to Quash any outstanding arrest orders. In minor matters, such as those involving traffic tickets, counsel can often resolve the underlying matter and quash the warrant in one hearing. Our Little Rock attorneys assist those throughout Arkansas who are facing arrest orders. This is true if the order stems from a minor matter or if one is charged with a felony. Contact our office today if you are concerned over your legal situation.