Arkansas Prostitution Defense Attorneys

Prostitute standing at a carProstitution is illegal even though it is considered the oldest profession. When one is charged with prostitution they risk jail time, fines, and a serious stigma that will disqualify the from future employment. At The Law Office of Patrick Benca, our Arkansas criminal lawyers work diligently to ensure that one’s rights are protected. If you are being charged with prostitution or any similar offense then contact our office immediately.

Misdemeanor attorneys defending prostitution cases in Arkansas

Prostitution laws ban anyone from offering sexual favors in exchange for money or other compensation (such as drugs). Such cases are typically handled as misdemeanors by the Arkansas District Court. While the act of prostitution is generally a misdemeanor offense, penalties may still include fines, jail time, or community service. This means that you may be unable to care for your family, may have difficulty obtaining favorable employment, or could have your life significantly disrupted.  If you are being charged with prostitution, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. Our office has extensive experience defending clients against sexually related charges. Contact us today for a free consultation.

The prostitution defense attorneys at The Law Office Of Patrick Benca are familiar with the court system throughout our state. When you hire our attorneys you can rest assured that you will receive a vigorous defense. In a case such as this it is possible that the police may have asked you questions in violation of your Fifth Amendment rights. Otherwise, they may have illegally searched your person or belongings in order to find evidence against you. In such a circumstance we will file the appropriate Motions to ensure that your rights are protected. Call our Little Rock office today or contact us online.

Providing legal representation in Arkansas against felony sex related crimes

People generally consider prostitution a “victimless crime,” however, if you are charged with “advancing prostitution” by pimping out women, providing a location for prostitution to occur, actively recruiting individuals to become prostitutes, or running an organized prostitution establishment, you may be facing serious felony charges. These charges may be made worse if you are also accused of violence, being in possession of weapons, or transporting individuals across state lines for the purpose of prostitution. Our firm has experience defending sex crimes in court both at the state and federal level. Our office will personally investigate your case, analyze the evidence against you, and file a motion to suppress evidence that was obtained against you illegally. For a free consultation call our office at 501-353-0024. We serve residents in the Little Rock area as well as throughout the state of Arkansas.